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It's Fair to Share - reducing taxes in Canada by sharing income

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Canadian Finance Minister Hon James Flaherty has revealed that he is considering income splitting as a tax option.

Independent MP Garth Turner has graciously invited groups to assemble to discuss this tax proposal. We will have speakers sharing research and reflecting on its mplications.

Many of us feel that permitting the household based tax option would not only significantly reduce taxes for many but would also recognize the value of the unpaid caregiver role.

We invite all to attend. There is no admission fee and the conference has no political or religious affiliation.

Date: Tuesday 30 January 2007

Time: 10AM - 2PM

Location: Conference Room, West Block, Parliament Hill, Ottawa

We look forward to a fruitful discussion and are inviting all MPs, senators and the national press.

Please also feel free to sign our online petition and share your views

Canada taxes its citizens as individuals only and does not currently permit declaration of shared income. Recognition of income spreading over more than one person is made only through some dependent deductions.

Many nations however permit taxation based on and admission of sharing income for those who do not feel that treating others in the home as lesser dependents is appropriate.

This website looks at the arguments for an against income splitting and welcomes all levels of government and all citizens to the conference in person or to comment and send papers to government or to us.

In many households one of the adults may prefer or be forced through illness or circumstance to have something other than full time paid work, in order to provide care of others who need care. This caregiving is usually not only unpaid but is done at a loss of income, yet its vital work nurtures the sick, handicapped, young, elderly or dying. It is however this care role that is being penalized by current tax policy.

Households that have other than two equal full time incomes pay a tax penalty on income earning style, and this can be in some cases as high as 45% higher tax. We seek to correct that.

For many of us this is therefore a women's issue, about finally recognizing the care role as productive, useful to society not just to the household, and genuine 'work'. Income splitting is one way to give equality and dignity to those who do that role for a few years, whether male or female, though historically caregivers have been overwhelmingly women

There are other mechanisms groups have sought over the years to value this care role. In October 2006 a group of 2.6 million pensioners was able to convince the current government to permit them to share pension income, marking a historic recognition of the care role of the past.

However to date, nonpensioners are not permitted this fairness - to be taxed admitting they share income. We seek to correct that.

Some groups have asked for recognizing caregiving itself. This could be through a universalizing benefits for care receivers, so that money 'flows with' the person needing care. In that way the state would not preferentially fund 3rd party daycare or eldercare as it currently does, but would also fund and at much less overall expense, care in the home by family members.

Other groups are asking government to universalize maternity benefits and parental benefits, no longer basing them on paid labor history.

The care movement is growing and for many income-splitting is seen as a key way to keep a promise to women and to children about valuing them in societ

Here are some of the groups that approached the Liberal government in October 2005 with 17 rallies across the country , culminating in one on Parliament Hill.



Burnaby Helen Ward


Tracy Zeisberger




Michelle Olson 780-464-0433


Beverley Smith, Calgary 403-283-2400



S ara Yanke



Mark-Alan Whittle



S ara Landriault 613-258-4854

Thunder Bay

Keri Maki 807-473-3822




Yvonne Coupal 450-966-6124



Jennnifer Auld-Cameron

Fund the Child Coalition in addition to above - spring 2006

Ontario Autism Coalition

Bruce McIntosh

Special Needs Caregiver

Stacey Smith

Shift Work Advocates

Andrea Riley

Assoc of Daycare Operators

Kathy Graham


Betty Cornelius


Bilqees Quick

These pension rights groups successfully approached government as a Common Front in October 2006 to get pension splitting. They number over 2.6 million members and spouses, from 22 organizations.

Air Canada Pionairs

Air Force Association of Canada

Alliance of Seniors Ontario

Allstream Retirees

ACER-CART, Canadian Association of Retired Teachers - Association canadienne des enseignantes et des enseignants retraites.

Armed Forces Pensioners'/Annuitants' Association of Canada Inc.

Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans in Canada

Canadian Activists for Pension Splitting/Regroupement des Canadiens pour le partage des pensions

CARP, Canadas Association for the Fifty Plus

CBC Pensioners National Association / Association nationale des retraités de la SRC

COMTECH, Communication and Technical Workers Credit Union

Bell Canada Pensioners Group BPG

FADOQ Mouvement des aînés du Québec

Federal Superannuates National Association FSNA

General Motors Salaried Retirees

Police Retirees of Ontario

Professional Institute of Public Servants- Retired Members Guild PIPSC RMC

REAL Women of Canada

Response A Thousand Voices RTV Nova Scotia

Retired Teachers of Ontario RTO

SenTax Seniors for Fair Taxation

The Royal Canadian Legion

Eleven organizations have major Quebec representation





Red Rose, Spinning

Those who wish to attend this conference are asked to contact
Sara Landriault at or
Beverley Smith at

Though open to the public, Parliament Hill Security does require that we have an idea who will be there.

If you are unable to attend, we do still want to hear from you. Feel free to mail documents, letters and research to the address below or to attach it to one of the addresses above.

If you need more information about the conference logistics and the Parliamentary process contact

The Honorable Garth Turner

His website is

His phone number is 613-996-7046

This movement has no political affiliation. We appreciate the opportunity extended to us by this independent MP to get on the Hill and welcome all parties to attend.

This movement also has no religious or other affiliation. We are inviting people from all situations and varying views to discuss and focus on the one issue of income-splitting. We welcome you all.

521-18 A St NW Calgary Alberta T2N2H3